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Programme features

EMBO Keynote Lecture

The EMBO Keynote Lecture will be given by Stefanie Dimmeler MD PhD, University of Frankfurt, Germany

EMBO Young Investigator Lecture

The EMBO Young Investigator Lecture will be given by Lena Pernas PhD, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Germany.

EMBO Women in Science Lecture

The EMBO Women in Science Lecture will be given by Helen Morrison PhD, Leibnitz Institute for Age Research, Germany.


Faculty will be asked to give two talks, one didactic talk related to their research and one focused on their lab's research. Talks will be 45 minutes plus 15min for discussion.


We will have three 2-hr tutorial sessions. In each session, the students will have a choice to talk with one of 5 speakers, who offer tutorials in parallel. This will ensure that the groups are small. Every participant is expected to participate in at least two tutorials.

Dine with the PI

Speakers and participants go out for dinner together. This increases contact time between faculty and the participants and has turned out to be an important and highly appreciated component of the course. Restaurants and menus are selected by our local Greek administrator based in Athens.


We will have three 2-hr poster sessions and posters will be spaced to minimize noise at the posters. This will give participants a chance to present their posters to faculty. The latter will form a poster prize committee and award poster prizes at the end of the conference.

Selected Short Talks

15 poster talks (8min + 4min discussion) will be selected from submitted abstracts prior to the conference and selected participants will be notified 

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